Regular Grey

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Regular Grey has mostly yellow legs, a square head, and a relatively well-built body. An average gamefowl would weigh relatively higher than other gamefowls which work as a source of its strength.

There goes a rumor that they are a better performer during full moon nights. While the superstitions might just be old tales. Its quality is out of the question. With an off-white or similar toned body, its darker feathers give it a very distinct look. They are strong and they make very good use of their strength. They are very aggressive and hard-hitting giving them the edge over a lot of other breeds. One of their cutting strikes is enough to take care of the opponent for good. However, they might be too slow when pitted with something heavier. Buy Sweater Gamefowl Online

How do you make GREY Gamefowl?

Serious gamefowl hobbyists are willing to pay the price to acquire the bull cock. Crossing a pure of this cock to the red hens will produce all greys (1/2 grey, 1/2 red in pedigree), both males and females. Breeding back these offspring stags to the red hens will give both reds and greys stags and pullets. They are said to be a combination of three grey families: the Law Grey, the Sweater Gray, and the Plain head Muff Grey. These come green-legged, sometimes with yellow, silver duck wings and straight comb. They are medium to low-stationed and are known for power and gameness. Breeders note that they are as powerful and dead game as the Blue faces. Because of these, many breeders have made these breed their foundation line.

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