Ginn Grey Toppy


Trio – $700
Pairs – $550
Stags – $370
Pullets – $210

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Buy Ginn Grey Toppy Online, Ginn created this breed in the late 1800s. Family History says that S.A. Ginn took one of these prized roosters to the White House to compete against one of President McKinley’s roosters. The Toppies we have come from Paul Bond. He got them from Noah S. Crow in about 1960. Noah used to walk birds for Steve A. Ginn & obtained them directly from him in the early 1900s. Steve would let Noah have 1 or 2 birds every year for raising them for him. The males come from a light silver grey to a solid white. The hens are very uniform with red fiery eyes. All of the hens will have a large Toppy on their head, but only some of the males will. These birds lay a lot of eggs, almost twice as many as our other breeds.


Trio, Pair, Stag, Pullet


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