Spanish Gamefowl


Trio – $1600
Pairs – $1100
Stags – $800
Pullets – $550

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Buy Spanish Gamefowl Online Also called the fighter of Spain, and Spanish Gamefowl is one of the best fighting birds in Europe and has become popular since the formation of the breed. They are small to medium in size, they cannot be together with another rooster because they fight to protect their territory and be the dominant one. It has an elegant bearing, with great physical characteristics that make it an aesthetically beautiful rooster.

There is a wide variety of colors for Spanish roosters, from white to light and mottled. In combat it is an animal that always seeks a fight and never runs away from its battles, it enters with its legs looking for the upper part of the opponent, always with courage and bravery.


Trio, Pair, Stag, Pullet


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Spanish Gamefowl
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