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The Mandigin Claret Game Fowl is one of the American born Game Fowl and Foundation Bloodlines of many modern and currently used Game Fowl Lines today. Known for its Smart and Accurate attacks, these birds are the staple bloodlines of the Cock Fighting world.


With more than 90 years of history the Claret blood can be found in almost any new Modern day Fighting Cock. Widely used in breeding in the US and the Philippines, the Claret is the Predecessor of the Lemon 84, another well known Bloodline Developed by Duke Hulsey and Don Paeng Araneta.

Commonly characterized as a Straight Comb High stationed bird with Deep Red Color, White to Yellow legs and a Pure White Bird with White to Yellow Legs. It was first developed from a Straight Comb Wheaton Duryea Hen, with White hackle, presented to John H. Madigin by Col. Andrew P. O’ Conor. This Hen was out of Hail Stone Spangle Duryea hen bred to her Son.

While Foundation Cock used was a black red white legged lemon hackled cock that defeated Hanky Dean 6 times. Dean bred this ” Red” son to the Duryea hen. The first 9 sons were the color of Claret Wine thoughfore their name “Clarets”.

In 1917 Madigin and Dean bred a cock “Black Spur” a cock of the New Hope strain from Mr. O’Conor. The New Hopes were a Mansell Pyle, Picket, Kearney- Duryea blend. Buy White Claret Fighting Rooster

The Pickets were a combination Black & Tan and John Hunter Black Brass Back.
In 1918 Madigin Bred a Lawman Whitehackle ito the Black Spur Claret family.

In 1928 Madigin bred a Duryea cock into the line. The Clarets have two infusions of white blood, both from Mansell Pyles which were White Cocks from England known for their cutting.White Claret Fighting Rooster for sale

Numerous lines went into creating the Clarets, but mainly Whitehackle and Pyle, both yellow and white legged. Clarets can and will throw dark reds, light reds, spangles and whites they are all the same as genetics is concerned what’s essential is the body shape and fighting style remain the same.


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