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Bloodline History

Buy Kearney Whitehackle Gamefowl The Kearny Whitehackle was developed by Floyd Gurley who bred them for over 50 years from the original strain of Michael Kearney sold down through the generations.  Floyd developed the winning Green Legged Kearny Whitehackles (Chesapeak) and the equally proven Yellow Legged Kearny Whitehackles. The last strain that Floyd Gurley developed was the Spangled Kearny Whitehackles.
Another modern breeder who developed this bloodline is Steve Sturm.
The Kearny Whitehackle is 100% straight comb. Whitehackle cocks come as yellow-legged, or green-legged (Chesapeak) and also spangled.  The Whitehackle is still considered as the most beautiful gamecock, the breed most recognized as top dog Whitehackle was the strain developed by Mr. Michael Kearney in 1871.

Breeders who Swear by the Whitehackle

Jesse Horta, a very smart gamefowl breeder, said that in order to win in today’s competition, you should have bloodlines that can kill Sweaters.  The current reigning champion of the pit throughout the Philippines is the Sweater, its swarming attack always overwhelming all comers after the last infusion by Carol Nesmith enabled a bird that once lost steam in a long fight due to its relentless attacks to sustain a fight until its opponent gave up the ghost.  Because of this, almost all cockers in the country have Sweaters as part of their broodstock.  Jesse

To make his Sweater Killers ( Jesse christened them as his White-Legged Sweater ), he  crossed a Kearny Whitehackle and Junior Belt’s Cowan Roundhead together at a 3/4 Kearny Whitehackle x 1/4 Cowan Roundhead ratio.

Curt Langston, another cocker who was lucky to get original stock from Floyd Gurley himself in the 90s, before the old man retired.  Both exchanged ideas on how to cross and raise the Whitehackle for better fighters.  Mr. Langston chose to breed with Oriental fowl, and the outcome helped him win 13 straight fights in long knife in his outing with the Whitehackle hybrid crosses years ago and recently he won 4-cock derby using the same Kearney Whitehackle cross.

Most other Gamefarms in the Philippines that had the precious opportunity to acquire Floyd Gurley bred Kearney Whitehackles to cross with their own broodstocks, like RED GAMEFARM have had very good fight records against othewr local top cockers.

The Kearney Whitehackle is always bred as pure stock and are often crossed with the Sweaters and Roundheads for a modern pit fighter that can go head to head with any rooster.


Fighting Style

The Whitehackle gamefowl are straight combed with red eyes and are medium stationed. While 90% are yellow red in color, the remaining 10% are spangled, mustard colored hackles. These fighters are built with broad shoulders, fairly compact and with heavy plumage, each rooster having an average weight of 2 to 2.4 kgs.  The Whitehackle is a very deadly cutter, break high and can fight in any position available due to their agility and shiftiness, on the ground and in the air.  They are strong and power hitting fighting fowl with very deep game.  Described by veteran gamefowl aficionados as a ring general, the Whitehackle fights best using the long knife slasher type.  This beautiful rooster is a very smart fighter and has accurate timing that places deliberate blows to kill its opponent.  It is also a very aggressive rooster.  Because this strain has been carefully sustained by smart breeding over the years, it is still a consistent and proven bloodline that wins big.

Floyd Gurley bred the modern version of the bird straight pure blooded stock to create a unifrom bloodline that consistently tops its opponents in the pit until today.


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