Shamo Roosters


Trio – $1000
Pairs – $800
Stags – $420
Pullets – $280

Buy Shamo Roosters Online

Buy Shamo Roosters Online The rooster breed “Shamo fighter” is a very strong and dominating specimen, possibly the most “powerful” rooster that is always on top of his opponent. Of a size that goes from medium to large, having a weight that varies from 3.5 to 6 kilos, depending on the line. The color of their plumage can be white, red, and yellow (turn), or gold.

There are several lines or breeds of shame roosters, but generally, they all have thick feathers, of Asian origin. This breed was developed to be a fighting rooster of unmatched ferocity and courage.


Trio, Pair, Stag, Pullet


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